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Every beginning has an end. 

Yes, it’s the last day of the filming journey of A Taste of Greenland episode 4. Today was saved for the scenes that the crew may have missed due to delays or not-so-cooperating weather or whatever. The weather wasn’t perfect this morning, but the crew managed to do some time-lapse and additional rounds of the scenes that were taken in worse weather (or wrong sun lights), or simply for a better angle.

In the afternoon, the crew invited about 40 Greenlanders (artists, families, students, etc.) to the house and took pictures of them using a camera dolly. After all, A Taste of Greenland project is about promoting Greenland and we thought it would be nice to show Greenland with their own faces. I’m not sure exactly how our editor and assistant director of photography Adrian Beard will use the shots, but I’m sure it will be “fantastic.” Adrian asked the people not to look at the camera but the wall behind him, and not to laugh. (I tried it just for fun although I’m not a Greenlander, and I found not smiling or laughing in front of the camera really difficult. I think in the end, Adrian gave up on me. Smile.)

Thank you Chris Coubrough.
Thank you Eskil Hardt.
Thank you Esben Hardt.
Thank you Adrian Beard.
Thank you Finn Noer.
for all the great shots and making the long-days of work super fun.

Thank you Per for the great dinners and your dedication.
Thank you Mikael Jacobsen. We all loved your Behind the Scenes videos.

And YOU, our readers and viewers! Thank you for following our 10-day journey. Hope you enjoyed the videos and blog posts as much as we did.

Every end is a new beginning.  

And of course, we’re not finished yet! The crew will come back to Greenland next June to make episode 5, A Taste of North Greenland. Yay!! We look forward to meeting you again next year.

+ It usually takes about 6-8 weeks until Adrian finishes editing an episode. Hope we can present it to you soon. (No pressure, Adrian. grin)

Qujanaq! & Takuss!