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What a beautiful day! The sky’s super clear. No clouds. Sunshine. It’s a perfect day to sail out.

The crew sailed off to Lysefjord to catch sea urchins, or uni, at 4 a.m. in “Hillary Boat” (Hillary R. Clinton was on board when she was in Nuuk in May for Arctic Council). Erik Jacobsen, the captain, said yesterday that we have to be at a specific spot by 6 a.m. if we want to be sure to catch sea urchins. It’s the best time to catch them, tide-wise.

The crew got there on time. With the help of Erik, Chris scooped “a bucket of” Greenlandic wild sea urchins using a landing net, right from the boat. That easy. (Wish filming the scene were that easy too. grin)

10 a.m. Bruch on Board

We had a special guest today—AnnSo Hardenberg. She’s author of a cook book and host of a Greenlandic food TV program. She’s known as “the queen of country food cookery” and Royal family of Denmark often visits her to try her food when they’re in Greenland. (For those who are puzzled about the relationship between Denmark and Greenland: Greenland is still part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Although Greenland has won self-rule governance in 2009, Denmark still has a say on foreign and military affairs.)

So, AnnSo brought various dishes that she prepared using local products. She basically makes nearly everything from the scratch. It’s just amazing.

A picnic on board. By Mikael L. Jacobsen

After having a great brunch picnic on board, the boat took the crew to a settlement which has a garden where Chris picked up some vegetables for today’s cooking scene. There’re several farms in southern Greenland, but vegetables grow near Nuuk? According to the owner of the garden, the Vikings used this area as a dump about 500 years ago, and that dump got decomposed and made the soil fertile today. That’s why he can grow vegetables even without having a greenhouse at 64 degrees latitude.

I’m not going to give you the details how Chris cooked today’s dish using the fresh sea urchins and vegetables. But I can tell you the display was splendid. Chris put the dish in a sea urchin shell and served it on over 10,000-year-old iceberg, with the vodka made from glacier ice.

Great shots. Perfect weather. Awesome food. Nothing can be better, the crew thought. But you never know. Another pleasant surprise was waiting for us on our way back to Nuuk.

Take a look!