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Looking at the crew filming a scene is getting more interesting. I mean, they’re quite creative in terms of using tools. In the morning, we went to a local supermarket to take shots of Chris shopping groceries. We had a steadicam with our cameraman Finn Noer, and all of sudden, he was sitting in a shopping cart, letting producer Eskil Hardt drive it around the store.

Producer Eskil Hardt driving the shopping cart in which Finn Noer is sitting.

In the afternoon, the crew went to the airport to fly around Nuuk. They were going to take the bird eye shots of Nuuk in a helicopter having windows open. For the safety, they hooked themselves as well as all the equipments to the heli with harnesses. Unnecessary items like microphones were already detached (you won’t be able to take any sounds beside the buzzing wind sound anyway). It took quite a while for Finn to wear the harness (with help from Eskil) and squeeze himself and his steadicam into the small side seats (he’s 178cm tall, or 5.84ft, and the seats are not even comfortable for a 153cm-tall woman).

Eskil helping Finn getting installed in the heli. By SungHa Park

But alas! As soon as they’re ready to fly, the helicopter got an emergency call. We were not informed of any details, but the pilot had to fly to the emergency site and wouldn’t be back by the night. The trip was canceled. And at the moment, there is nothing we can do but hope someone out there who needed help is fine.