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Certainly you can sell ice to the Eskimo. I mean, literally.

People assume that Greenland is freezingly cold all year round, but in fact, it can be very hot in summer. The temperature itself doesn’t go up significantly high, but the sun is very strong and it can feel like 30°C , or 86°F. You even get tanned in the house, as most of the houses here have big windows.

No wonder, Maik, a local hair dresser, came up with this idea: Why not making Greenlandic ice-cream! But not just any ice-cream. He makes it lactose-free and fat-free. And most interestingly, he uses water from the ice cap in Greenland!

Today is definitely one of those days you crave ice-cream.

So, Maik came to the old harbour in his bike ice-cream cart for A Taste of Greenland.

Chris tasted angelica and blueberry flavors, and his favorite? Greenlandic blueberry ice-cream!

+ A few notes on other scenes:

Earlier in the morning, the crew went to the marina to take a scene with Greenlandic wild salmon. As the gates to the marina was locked, we had to ask one, who was working at a car repair center nearby, to open the door. When they recognized Chris (Yup, he is popular in Greenland), they wanted to get his autobiography and shook his hands (They didn’t mind his salmon-smelly hands.)

In the afternoon, the crew went to Julia and Bo’s house to film our second cooking scene. Their twin boys go to the school tomorrow for the first time in their lives. The first day at school is a big event in Greenland, and always accompanies a kaffemik, Greenlandic social gathering that comes with lots of food, mainly cakes, and coffee and tea. We’re going to have a shooting at the kaffemik tomorrow, sharing Chris’s dish with the guests. But today in order to avoid all the hustle and bustle, we filmed the cooking scene today. He cooked the scallops with Bo, the father of the boy, and… Mmmmmm, yummmmm!!

Guests will love it tomorrow!!

Video by Mikael L. Jacobsen