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It was still foggy in the morning, and we even had a snow shower. (Yes, in August!!!)

When the weather isn’t helping, we take indoor shots. Today’s first destination is Godthåb Bryghus, a local brewery. Our plan was finishing the brewery scene by 1 p.m., but the shooting didn’t end until almost 3 p.m. Setting up the cameras took longer than expected. It was the first time we used the crane-cam for this episode. And, even though we had checked the gears before heading out, a camera didn’t function as it was supposed to, and then a cable that connects another, properly working, camera to the monitor on the crane didn’t work. Machines… they are as unpredictable as the weather, aren’t they?

We had three main scenes in the brewery: Chris and Alex, the brewery master, talking about the ingredients; adding molt; and talking in the fermentation room, sipping the beer right from the tank.


Alex and Chris talking in a fermentation room, sipping the beer right from the tank. By SungHa Park

Per, a volunteer for the project and our great insider chef, and Mikael, Behind the Scenes cameraman, joined the crew the filming. Without their help, it would have taken a lot longer.

At around 3 p.m., still not having lunch yet, we packed everything up, put them back in the cars, and drove to Qinngorput for our first cooking scene. (Finally!!! the sky cleared up!!!)

The site we agreed on yesterday is actually located at the end of the road in Nuuk to the east. Qinngorput is a new district of Nuuk and still expanding, having more apartment buildings under construction. Here Chris will cook the wild Greenlandic salmon with the background of the new developing area one side and the beautiful fjord the other side.

So, while setting up the cameras, the team had to find time to have cold sandwiches. Of course, Chris was not an exception. You can see what Chris had for lunch in the Behind the Scenes.

Video by Mikael L. Jacobsen

Although the crew had to fight mosquitoes, everything went perfect. The dish was so tasty that our cameraman Finn Noer even slipped his tongue: “A Real Graste of Teenland!”