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The second day began with grocery shopping for the cooking scene, which was scheduled for the afternoon. Our host Chris and producer Eskil went to Brugseni, one of the two biggest grocery chains in Greenland along with Pisiffik.

Hunting for the ingredients sounds easy. But in fact, even buying olive oil can be tricky. One of my colleagues got the organic olive oil, but the bottle was too big. Chris, the chef, picked up one, but its label was too crowded. After looking at several bottles, Eskil finally found one perfect for TV. In TV production, those little details matter.

We had initially planned to film a cooking scene in the afternoon. But the foggy and misty weather made us change the schedule, yes from the very first day. (The weather in Greenland is unpredictable.) The cooking scene has to wait for another day. So, instead, the crew headed to the board or a local fish market that sells local catch.

Our first shooting began, right here, with a scene of Chris buying scallops. Hans, who is selling fish at the shop and speaks good English, agreed to be today’s scallop seller for the program. Although we had to take the same scene over and over, he kept smiling and even managed to sell some fish to his customers during a couple minutes he had between filming. He also gave us a big laugh by saying “Hello, daddy!” right to the camera. Qujanaq, Hans!

After finishing the first shots successfully, the crew headed to Godthåb Bryghus, the brewery in Nuuk, to check out the venue. There are two more breweries in Greenland: One is in Narsarq and the other in Ilulissat. Chris’s wife has her own brewery, so he had a good knowledge about what’s going on in that beer house. He could already tell the difference between his wife’s and Godthåb, and had tons of questions to ask Alex, the master at the brewery. However, Chris had to restrain himself from asking questions as he wanted it to flow naturally and spontaneously when actually filming tomorrow.

As the weather isn’t yet favorable, the crew went out to Qinngorput, a new district of Nuuk, for a site hunting for a cooking scene. After spending for an hour or so, the crew found a spot that everyone agreed on.

Hope the weather gets better tomorrow so that we can film the first cooking scene of the episode 4, A Taste of Greenland in Nuuk. Fingers crossed!!